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Book Reviews: Death Before Breakfast

“In her debut novel, Death Before Breakfast, author Gwyneth Bledsoe introduces us to Inspector Jack Lawrence and his partner Sergeant Rodney Wilson.

Lawrence, a career crime fighter and devoted family man, discovers a familiar looking corpse while attempting to make an early morning arrest in connection with a recent art theft. He soon realizes there is more to the case than a simple argument between criminals gone awry. Wilson, a quiet, intelligent man contributes to the investigation, while gleaning skills from Lawrence to enhance both his professional and personal life.

From the opening page of Death Before Breakfast, Mrs. Bledsoe welcomes readers to pour themselves a cup of tea as they tour her native England and enhance their knowledge of many painting masterpieces. This is a clean, cozy novel that offers enjoyable reading for lovers of both mysteries and police procedurals. The story will keep you wondering who done it, and why, until the last page and leave you waiting to join these men of justice on a future investigation.”
– Renee Howe, local Idaho author and friend

“Dear Gwyneth,
I love the book soooo much, you paint the picture so well. I feel as if I was with Jack Lawrence. All of it inspires me to read and write!”
– Chris, Age 9

3 Responses to “Book Reviews: Death Before Breakfast”

  1. Brent says:

    I can’t WAIT to read this!

  2. Teresa says:

    Gwyneth Bledsoe’s debut novel is an intriguing read. As the plot thickens page by page, the reader is encouraged and challenged to join the intuitive Inspector Lawrence and his eager sergeant, Rodney Wilson, to fit the various pieces of the mystery puzzle. Likewise, Gwyneth’s personal experiences of daily life in various regions of England and France are reflected in the characters of the novel and in the narrative. As the novel progresses, the reader is visually transported from one location to the next, meeting interesting characters along the journey as well as picking up potential clues. This novel is a delight to read!

  3. Nancy Chavez says:

    Death Before Breakfast is a well-written murder mystery that leaves you wanting a series from author, Gwyneth Bledsoe. As an American who has never been to Europe, I felt I got a clear glimpse of what parts of England and France look, sound and even smell like. For me, the Anglicisms were entertaining and addictive…higgledy-piggledy is here to stay in my vocabulary! Keep writing Gwyneth, I can’t wait for the next Chief Inspector Jack Lawrence book.


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Bledsoe is a published poet and photographer. DEATH BEFORE BREAKFAST is her debut novel.