Cotner House Blessings Book Cover Garden Blessings Cover Back to Joy: Little Reminders to Help Us Through Tough Times Get Well Wishes CoverPublished Works: Gwyneth Bledsoe’s poems and prose have been published in inspirational poetry books by anthologist and editor, June Cotner, since January 2003:

Unpublished Poem:
The Song of My Soul
by Gwyneth Bledsoe

Beyond the realm of time and space, in infinite Glory’s dwelling place
Wisdom revealed a perfect plan, for His image bearer, a finite man
Placed in a garden, a paradise, unsullied by the presence of vice
From Adam’s rib rose a beauty queen, trapped, ensnared by the fruit of sin
The die was cast when mankind failed, age after age, not one prevailed
The flood, the law and the sacrifice, no human effort could ever suffice

When light and dark were at enmity, the King stepped down into history
Clothed in flesh, His glory veiled, by angel throngs a babe was hailed
His birth, His life, His darkest hours, at constant odds with earthly powers
A tortured path of tattered dreams, and daily prey to hellish schemes
Yet in the midst of scorn and shame, with truth and tenderness He came
Our guilt He bore, His lifeblood gave, with one last breath He all forgave

Oh merciful Judge who adopted me, what in my dark heart captured Thee?
You weighed my thoughts and my vanity, plumbing the void of integrity
My soul caressed by Your gentle Dove, wept bitter tears of abject love
You whispered words of eternity, igniting a holy ecstasy
And now laid bare, at Your feet I lie, stripped of pride and self I cry
Your mercy washes over me, leaving me cleansed, renewed, set free

In gratitude I seek Your face for a quenching glimpse of redeeming grace
Adoring eyes, a radiant smile, comfort me for an eternal while
But now I sense Your urgent call, plans for good, no harm befall
I’m chosen for this time and place, to take my role in the human race
Whatever uncertainties lie ahead, need never fill me with fear or dread
For You alone are my All in All, the Song of my soul at the final call

Bledsoe is a published poet and photographer. DEATH BEFORE BREAKFAST is her debut novel.