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Modern-day Scotland Yard page-turner – 5-star reader review

‘Death Before Breakfast’ is a modern English police crime novel with all of the craftsmanship of Dame Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Mrs. Gwyneth Bledsoe constructs her sentences and paragraphs in such a way as to simultaneously give English police procedure, brilliantly advance characterization and drop clues.

This novel is a true piece of English literature. It is the kind of book one curls up with at the quiet end of a long day. The book is an escape into the mystery at hand. It is difficult to compare this book to another writer. She is that good! I would buy any book that this writer wrote and I would expect it to be as good as this one is. The writer has a bright future ahead, if she wants it. Gwyneth Bledsoe draws one into her story. The reader becomes a part of the story.

Buy ‘Death Before Breakfast’ for a fantastic piece of cozy literature.

***** Review by Joseph C. McHale, author of “Slope: A Colorado Mystery”

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Bledsoe is a published poet and photographer. DEATH BEFORE BREAKFAST is her debut novel.