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Inspiration for Writing

Dragon's Mouth Spring, Yellowstone

Where do writers draw most of their inspiration for writing from (or should I say “From whence” – correct maybe, but sounds a little operatic). I’d say it is from a simmering concoction of memories, observations, imagination, beliefs and sensory experiences. Throw in there a dash of genetic code, all the books and movies they ever digested, and the inexplicable muse that some would call divine gifting, then I think we have it covered. From this bubbling brew of  inspirational factors, I would like to zoom in and focus on the senses and how our eyes interpret what we see in nature.


Lower Falls, Yellowstone Grand Canyon

Lower Falls, Yellowstone Grand Canyon

For example, gazing upon the rushing waters of a cascading waterfall can engage our contemplative self that resides who knows where behind the eyes and tap into our primal poet that is surely not represented by our walnut-shaped brain. The resulting impressions translate into a transcendence of a spiritual nature that may produce a cascade of words on paper that somehow become an art form. The divinity of this art form is its ability to connect with other humanoids whose reading of the sublime prose captures an image of a cascading waterfall in their mind as they read about it on an underground train in a subway system of a large metropolis that is devoid of any such natural beauty. Thus is the author inspired by what they see, and the reader uplifted by what they read and imagine.

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Bledsoe is a published poet and photographer. DEATH BEFORE BREAKFAST is her debut novel.