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A Note from Author Donna Fletcher Crow on Death Before Breakfast

“There’s something so special about first novels— a freshness and a sense of exploration. And then we’ll have the fun of watching the series and characters grow.  Inspector Lawrence is set to make an excellent series character. I love seeing how his mind works, the respectful way he treats his subordinates and the solid relationship he has with his wife Megan.

Background is one of the most important elements in a novel for me and London, Yorkshire and Paris are three places I never tire of visiting.  I look forward to going there again with Inspector Lawrence.

I also appreciated the strong family values that came through the story, but I can’t say too much on this without giving the plot away.  I think it’s fair, though, to say congratulations to Rodney and Diane and to wish them every happiness.”

– Donna Fletcher Crow

Donna Fletcher Crow is the author of
A Very Private Grave, # 1, The Monastery Murders
The Shadow of Reality, # 1 Elizabeth and Richard Mysteries

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Bledsoe is a published poet and photographer. DEATH BEFORE BREAKFAST is her debut novel.